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3 minute read Published: 2020-11-20

HHKB Pro 2

My current everyday keyboard, the HHKB Pro 2. This is the older model that I purchased second hand off of /r/mechmarket. It definitely took me a while to get used to this one, but once I modded it with silencing rings, lube, and the keycaps it is probably my favorite.

In the future I'll want to continue to mod this with:


The sassy boy is Tombo btw.

This is my first real custom build that I finished sometime in March 2020. I had just started a new job and decided to hop right into the hobby with a fully custom, mid-range build. The whole thing ended up being about $400 in total, but honestly probably more with the soldering equipment and other stuff that was needed.

Here's the bill of materials:

Back then I didn't even know what a group buy was so looking back on it now I was pretty lucky to get a set of these from KBDFans since it was likely extra stock.

Sadly this is not my favorite anymore, and there is a few reasons for this.

  1. The function layout being cramped like that makes it super easy to fat finger the escape key. This got me killed more than a few times in DOTA.
  2. The lube that I used on the keys and the stablizers was this and it sadly did not last long. After about a month the stablizers sounded like stock again and I haven't been able to fix this.
  3. Lots of lessions learned, and since I no longer need the function row (bye bye DOTA) I'll be sticking to the compact boards.

Random Prebuilds

TODO: add pics of these


Discipline V2